OAP-ODP Activity Professionals and International Gerontological Society Of Activity Professionals The Organization for Activity/Dementia Professionals in USA and Internationally OAP-ODP Organization of Activity Professionals- Organization of Dementia Professionals
 OAP-ODP           Activity Professionals and      International Gerontological Society              Of Activity Professionals   The Organization for Activity/Dementia Professionals in USA and Internationally                     OAP-ODPOrganization of Activity Professionals- Organization of Dementia Professionals    

WELCOME... Activity and Dementia Professionals ....NEW CLASS For Spring to be Announced in February 

State Certification for Activity Directors



Activity Professionals National

Credentialing Center

website: https://www.apncc.org

or email: office@apncc.org










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International Gerontological  Activity Professionals Standards 

OAP/ODP____________ Organization for Activity and dementia professionalS_________    IGSOAP________________ InterNationAl Gerontologial society of Activity Professionals 



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