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             Winter Term  Class starts January 4th, 2021


Activity Director Certification Class....GRN264  

Portland Community College, Gerontology Department


Request information and registration: conniekratti@gmail.com

or call Connie Ratti at 503-740-9706 or watch introductory video

on You Tube : https://www.youtu.be/ZnC1cFLkFZg 


*See more offerings from Portland Community College under Courses Tab for classes from the Gerontology Department.  College credit available and eligiable for CEU credits.  


*For Ideas on how to run Activities during a Stay at Home/ Lockdown in Faciliites see Best Practices Tab....


*New job listings posted on November 18th opportunties under Job Openings tab....







* VIDEOS ON YOU TUBE... 22 new videos

                      Activity Director, Best You Can Be.....


New Video: 

 Sex and Seniors: understand sexuality and seniors' interest and needs for positive and healthy outcomes. Direct link: https://youtu.be/SzbCVvBfwG8


    See videos that are just for Activity Directors and Life Enrichment Directors....

.New Videos on.....Why Activities Matter... Resident Council... Volunteers... the UnFair Heaing Test....Vision Impairments -what they can see and not see... Person Centered Interviews... Person Centered Activities for the Mildly Impaired....  How to implement Person Center Care and Self-Directed Activities.... Why Rounds are Important..... Different Behaiors... Modified Sports/Wheelchair Friendly.... 18 more short but informative Videos to make your work easier... how to use adaptive equipment... lots of new information on regulations.  FINALLY, Information that Activity Professionals need whether you are a new activity professional or as an experienced activity professional refresh/motivate and make your work easier.  

www.youtube.com/Connie Ratti/Activity Director Best You Can Be



ADVANCE ACTIVITY DIRECTOR CLASS>>> Portland Community College/

Gerontology Department.  Class number GRN264... prepares you for National Certification through NAAPCC.  This class is offered sumer and winter term. Registration begins December 9, 2020 for winter session.  Class begins on January 4, 2021.  Can be completed in10 weeks or sooner as it is a self paced class online with personal zoom sessions with instructor.


ACTIVITY DIRECTOR TRAINING>>>>  Portland Community College/ Gerontology Department. Class number GRN165-

New Activity Director Certification Class starts Spring - Macrh 24th, 2021 Terms, Registration for class begins September 6, 2020.... class text, forms, practicums on Documentation and Calendar Building. Covers the ten areas of Certification Required by State Regulations.  Class includes videos to supplement reading materials/ 2 zoom sessions for demonstrations on Documentation and Calendar Planning.  Class runs for ten weeks, but student my complete at own pace -sooner or later as needed for certification. Student must register with Portland Community College to attend this class. This class will be offered only in Spring and Fall terms. 




If you have additional questions or concerns contact:

Connie Ratti at 503-740-9706 or connie.ratti@pcc.edu or

Jan Abushakrah at 971-722-4077 or jabushak@pcc.edu



Enjoy - and let us know how else we may help your career growth....we are a non-profit association for the growth and education of Activity Professionals.


As Always,

Connie Ratti, CTRS, AC-BC




Contact Information:



or call 503-740-9706

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