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       New classes to be posted for Summer 2022


This Live Workshop meets the 36 hour training requirements of the State Administrative Rules for the State of Oregon and any state requiring 36 hours or less.


Class covers at the areas of Documentation, Quality of Life and Person-centered Care, MDS. CAT, CAA and Quaraterly Report writing, Diagnoisis and care treatments for Activity Scope of Practice, Program Planning and Implementation, Critical Pathways for Resident Council and Activity Department Functions, Residents Rights, Quality Assurance Issues, Memory Care Behaviors and Needs, Alzheimer's and other Dementia Types, Management of Personnel and Volunteers, and Covid Activities.   Text and Videos included in class presentations.  Text available in Digital or Hard Copy forms.


To be Certified you must attend all for sessions.  Complete reading and video viewing requirements, complete to practicums on documentation and calendar planning,  pass the final examination with 70% of better score.  


All Attendees will be required to wear a mask and practice social distancing guidelines, seating will be 6 feet apart.  Class will be limited to 10 students.  Cost of Class is 280.00 per student.  Registration by  ----, late resigistration fee is additional 20.00.


Time is 8:00 to 4:30PM daily.  Lunch not provided but snacks and refreshments are provided at AM and PM Breaks.  

Location:  Class will be taught in the Wilsonville, Oregon area.  


Request information and registration: cratti@outlook.com

or call Connie Ratti at 503-740-9706 or watch an introductory video

on YouTube: https://www.youtu.be/ZnC1cFLkFZg 



* See  Job Openings for new Positions as of June 2022


*See Best Practices Tab...new ideas on covid activities and use of high tech electronics for resident participation.






* VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE... 30 videos

                      Activity Director, Best You Can Be.....


New Video: 

 Sex and Seniors: understand sexuality and seniors' interest and needs for positive and healthy outcomes. Direct link: https://youtu.be/SzbCVvBfwG8


New Videos coming this fall and winter: 

          * Cultural Change/Competency 

           * Quality Assurance and Program Improvement 


    See videos that are just for Activity Directors and Life Enrichment Directors...

New Videos on.....Why Activities Matter... Resident Council... Volunteers... the UnFair Hearing Test...Vision Impairments -what they can see and not see... Person-Centered Interviews... Person-Centered Activities for the Mildly Impaired...  How to implement Person Center Care and Self-Directed Activities... Why Rounds are Important... Different Behaviors... Modified Sports/Wheelchair Friendly.... 18 more short but informative Videos to make your work easier... how to use adaptive equipment... lots of new information on regulations.  FINALLY, Information that Activity Professionals need whether you are a new activity professional or as an experienced activity professional refresh/motivate and make your work easier.






Enjoy - and let us know how else we may help your career growth....we are a non-profit association for the growth and education of Activity Professionals.


As an association and organization we have enjoyed a tremendous growth and will be expanding our services and offerings.  We have changed our name from Oregon Activity Professionals and Oregon Dementia Professionals to the Organization of Activity and Dementia Professionals. 


We will soon include standards for International Gerontological Society of Activity Professionals.  This will include all our past avenues of services to the Activity and Dementia Professions, and add a component to help and encourage activity and dementia training/education to a world-wide scope. 


The need for professional activity and dementia vocations is a human need and a global need.  It affects all peoples and locations, we are proud to be a part of this growth because what you do matters.


As Always,


OAP/ODP____________ Organization for Activity and dementia professionalS_________    IGSOAP________________ InterNationAl Geriatric society of Activity Professionals 



Contact Information:



or call 503-740-9706

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