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Activities for Stay in Room and Lockdown Restrictions related to COVID19


Here are some suggestions and ideas from other Activity Directors and Life Enrichment Directors to problem activities in this new restricted COVID19 Period.  Please note that any activity that you present in your programming must follow nursing requirements to ensure the safety of our residents and staff:


The Mystery Plate: Have kitchen provide one dish on the meal tray that was not scheduled.  Then pass out a list of ingredients in that dish.  Have residents circle items they can taste in the dish.  Residents with most correct ingredients wins and can name the dish.  All residents can vote whether they would like it to be a regular item on the menu. 


Family Chats:  Set you zoom sessions for families and residents to chat and share and be together on a regular basis.  This requires some time and planning.  But well appreciated by residents and families. 


Consignaire of the Hotel Visits:  Using your library trolley and activity carts deliver items that have been sanitized and will not be returned or given to others.  Books, magazines, craft in a bag, puzzles, crosswords... etc.  All the great stuff we have in our closest for individuals to use and enjoy.  Delivered on a weekly or biweekly basis to keep residents engaged and mentally stimulated. 


Community Channel... Use your community channel for Games.  Announce a few bingo numbers every day 3x a day repeat the same numbers for a week until you have a winner. 


Other games to play on the community channel:  Name that price: select a year... then post picture of items to name price of.... You can send around game sheets for residents and staff to write in the price.  Entry with the right or closes price wins. 


Other games to play on the community channel are Jeopardy... same idea and method as the Price is Right Game.


Finally, do a travel log on the community channel.... Post several local photos of towns, parks, state monuments or site.  Resident who can write in the location wins.   


All these ideas are designed to connect with people, stimulate cognition and let people not they are important to us and not forgotten.  


With permission from the administrator.  Post pictures, notes and signs outside the window of residents on the ground floors. 


Have musicians come and play in the gardens or in front of the communities.  Have staff open window so everyone can hear the music. 


These are hard times, but we have had other diseases and virus that have put us in lockdown before and we will get thru this one too.  If you have any other ideas, you would like to post.  Please send them to me and I will get them up.  Be Strong, Be Safe. 


As Always, Connie Ratti





GO TO Google:  YouTube address is:


New Videos are available now for your FREE viewing on You Tube.  These are not for purchase but available to all to educate and improve the Activity Professional Field... use them... tell others about them.... tell us what other subjects you would like to know about... and we will  produce it..... New videos  include; Modified Sports/Wheelchair Friendly, Easy to do Acts and Craft Ideas Part one and Part Two, Person Center Care Activities for bed side use and Activity Bags for the Lower Functioning, Unfair Hearing Test,  Visional Impairments, Volunteers, Resident Council, Behaviors, and more....all videos designed to help you meet the new dementia focus survey guidelines.  These videos will be incorporated into the new training classes, with demonstrations to better understand and function as an Activity Professional.  The field is changing with stronger emphasis on Person Centered Care, Cultural Changes and the implementation of Dementia Focused Surveys and new regulations that are looking for activities as diversional treatments to mood and behavior issues.... 

                                         What you do is more important than ever.


New Video:  Seniors and Sex, this video give guidelines and regulation requirements to ensure that seniors in Long Term Care will experience positive outcomes that aresafe and appropriate sexual relationships that respect their interest and personal care plans. How to set up, implement and terminate the goal and approaches as health status change or decline. You Tube link:  https://youtu.be/SzbCVvBfwG8









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