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ANNOUNCENTS:    These videos  can be viewed on YouTube.  We hope you watch and enjoy these short but informative videos:  WHY ACTIVITIES MATTER …. is an overview of the activity profession and why it is important for our residents also additional career information and accreditation associations are listed at the end of the film….   ADAPTIVE EQUIPMENT CAN DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING….is a series of short videos demonstration how to use adaptive equipment from your kitchen or garage and implement these objects in different ways to help people: Cook, Make Jewelry, Enjoy Board Games, Play Cards, Play Dice Games, Building Wood Projects, and Paint.   WHEELCHAIRS SAFELY and ADJUSTMENT FOR PLAY… are two short videos that demonstrate how to use and adapt the wheelchair for freedom of movement and safety.  We hope you will view these 10-short videos and they will add to your professional skills and show you creative ways to use adaptive equipment …and help people do more than they thought they ever could.

GO TO Google:  YouTube address is: www.youtube.com/portland community college/connie ratti/adaptiveequipment/activities  or www.youtube.com/ConnieRatti/ActivityDirectorBestYouCanBe

New Videos are available now for your FREE viewing on You Tube.  These are not for purchase but available to all to educate and improve the Activity Professional Field... use them... tell others about them.... tell us what other subjects you would like to know about... and we will  produce it..... New videos  include; Modified Sports/Wheelchair Friendly, Easy to do Acts and Craft Ideas Part one and Part Two, Person Center Care Activities for bed side use and Activity Bags for the Lower Functioning, Unfair Hearing Test,  Visional Impairments, Volunteers, Resident Council, Behaviors, and more....all videos designed to help you meet the new dementia focus survey guidelines.  These videos will be incorporated into the new training classes, with demonstrations to better understand and function as an Activity Professional.  The field is changing with stronger emphasis on Person Centered Care, Cultural Changes and the implementation of Dementia Focused Surveys and new regulations that are looking for activities as diversional treatments to mood and behavior issues.... 

                                         What you do is more important than ever.













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