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Our Course Offering:  FOR SPRING>>>ACTIVITY  Director Certification at the state and national levels PLUS Classes in Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar...for Dementia education are listed Below....

OAP-ODP Bringing you professional growth and New information to help you succeed in your career...

OAP/ODP provides a wide selection of courses and seminars.

  • We will offer the Oregon State Certification Class for Activity Directors. This 36 hour class meets the mandated regulations of Actvity Directors wishing to work in Long Term and Skilled Facilities.
  • We will offer the National Activity Director Training Class that help prepare you for the National Testing Requirement. This is a on-line via Portland Community College, with private and personal instruction by an experienced activity director/educator at the rank of Activity Consultant - Board Certified by the National Association of Activity Profession Credentialing Center  NAAPCC  

  • UPCOMING CLASSES for Professional Growth: 

  • cratti@outlook.com or call 503-740-9706                                                                             ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  • Must attend all three days and meet requirements for certifiction of completing assignments and passing test with 70% or better score.  This workshop is designed for students who prefer direct interaction and need to complete survey requirements for employment purposes.

  • Limited Seating, please contact instructor for entry into ...THIS SPRING CLASS March 3,4,and 5, 2020 from 9:00 to 4:30 each day at Avamere at the Pearl, 4550 Carmen Drive, Lake Oswego, Oregon, registration and application for class: cratti@outlook.com or call 503-740-9706. - Cost of class 260.00, late registration will be charged additional 10.00 after March 1st..  Class included 96-page text, work sheets. In class lecture, videos and demonstrations; students must past test by 70% or better and complete assignments in class for Oregon State Certification or any state requiring 36 hours or less instruction for certification.


  • ACTIVITY DIRECTOR STATE CERTIFICATION CLASS TAUGHT On-Line thru PORTLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE this SPRING TERM...Registration Begins February 1 Class begins on March 30th- Late Registrations accept up to April 22, 2019.. . Registration process: apply to be student at PCC and sign up for GRN165 under the Gerontology Department. If you have questions or concerns please contact Connie at 503-740-9706.  Payment will be made to PCC when you register. Work sheets and follow along guide to lectures will be provided via on-line for your use. Text and Videos. All training is on-line. Instructor will provide assistance as needed to help students in understanding the course materials. This class meets the standards required by the State of Oregon Regulation Rules and an other state that has the 36 hour or less requirement for training activity directors in Long Term Care. For more information contact:

  •                  Connie Ratti at connie.ratti@pcc

  •             Jan Abushakrah at jabushak@pcc.edu






Meet the INSTructor:


         Connie Ratti is a CTRS, Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist and ACC, Activity Consultant Certified.  She is a Member of NCTRC, the National Council for Therapeutic Recreational Certification and the NAAPCC, National Association of Activity Professionals Credentialing Center at the rank of Activity Consultant-Board Certified - AC-BC, CADDCT, Activity Consultant ACC with the National Certification Council of Activity Professionals.  She has been working in the field for  over 22 years.  Class are taught in local facilities, at Portland Community College via live lecture or on-line systems, and various locations in the Portland, Oregon area.. Class are offered in small group sessions and some classes are offered on-line, while all sessions are assured of having personal contact and attention from the instructor. Student's needs are accommodated to reach maximin success for career growth and course completion.  Every effort is made to provide students with the tools, methods and knowledge they need for successful careers in Activities and Dementia Care. 
























































































or call 503-740-9706

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