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Our Course Offering:  FOR ACTIVITY  Director Certification at the state and national levels.... Next in person class for Basic State Certification for Long Term Care Activity director is March 6,7,8, and 9th, 2023

Live Classes ARE offered 2x a year with a registration of 6 or more students. New this Year ONLINE classes for Basic Activity Training, Advanced Activity Professionals and International Geriatric Activity Professionals.  

OAP/ODP provides a wide selection of courses and seminars.


  • We will offer the Oregon State Certification Class for Activity Directors. This 36-hour class meets the mandated regulations of Activity Directors wishing to work in Long Term and Skilled Facilities.
  • We will offer a National Activity Director Training Class that helps prepare you for the National Testing Requirement. This is a class with private and personal instruction by an experienced activity director/educator at the rank of Activity Consultant - Activity Professional National Credentialing Center  APNCC  

                               UPCOMING CLASSES for Professional Growth: 


 Prepares you for National Certification through APNCC.  This class is offered online and includes lecture notes introductions/dialogue, videos, comprehensive reading questions and zoom session discussions. Student will be required to purchase text for this class. Class availability for three months, but can  be completed in 10 weeks or sooner as it is a self-paced class online with personal zoom sessions with the instructor. National testing is an additional fee of about 220.00 with APNCC, Activity Professional National Credentialing Center. Cost of class 280.00 unless group or special scholarships are awarded.


Preparation to apply for Activity Professional Board Certified designation through the 

Activity Professionals National Credentialing Center


(office@apncc.org), with the required work experience, continuing education, and successful completion of the APNCC


Competency ExaminationContact Information:

Activity Professionals National Credentialing Center17840 Weymouth Avenue

Parker, Colorado   80134Phone: 303-317-5682



New  in Person -Activity Director Certification Class starts on March 6,7,8, and 9th of 2023. Taught in Wilsonville, Oregonarea. Registration for this class is currently open, contact instructor information below


Students may take this class online if unable to attend in person. Online format is a 10 week session. Please contact instruction for premission to attend online.  Registration for class is currently open, contract instructor information below.


Class texts included live classes via electronic delivery. Hard copy paper text additional 20.00 fee.   Practicums on Documentation and Calendar/Programming. Covers the ten areas of Certification Required by State Regulations.  Class includes videos to supplement reading materials/  zoom sessions for demonstrations on Documentation and Calendar Planning.  Class runs for 4days, student must attend all 4 days. Attendees must register to attend this class, contact cratti@outlook.com This class will be offered only March and September in live formate.  Cost of class 280.00 per person  (additional fee for hard copy text of 20.00).  Unless scholarship or hardships funds are awarded.


To be Certified you must attend all for sessions.  Complete reading and video viewing requirements, complete to practicums on documentation and calendar planning,  pass the final examination with 70% of better score.  


All Attendees will be required to wear a mask and practice social distancing guidelines, seating will be 6 feet apart.  Class will be limited to 10 students.  Cost of Class is 280.00 per student.  Registration by  11/10/2022, late resigistration fee is additional 20.00.


Time is 8:00 to 4:30PM daily.  Lunch not provided but snacks and refreshments are provided at AM and PM Breaks.  

Location:  Class will be taught in the Wilsonville, Oregon area.  


Request information and registration: cratti@outlook.com

or call Connie Ratti at 503-740-9706 or watch an introductory video

on YouTube: https://www.youtu.be/ZnC1cFLkFZg 


Online classes are schedule throughout  the year with registration and premission of instructor.  Each scheduled session has a 10 week availability unless special permission is made with instructor.


IINFORMATION SHEET/ REGISTRATION FORM and INVOICE will be sent to your preferred address or email.


 See Video on YouTube about benefits of this class- go to playlist Activity Director Best You Can Be link: https://youtu.be/ZnC1cFLkFZg​ 

INTERNATIONAL GERIATRIC ACTIVITY PROFESSIONAL CLASS... is online class offered throughout the year. Students can view cirrulcumn under tab for IGSOAP and informtional sheet, application and invoice will be sent to you.  This class has an online availibiliy of four months.  Text embeded in class, practicum assignments, reading questions for comprehension and testing.  Zoom sessions available for personal assistance and clarity.  Cost of class is 280.00 unless group sessions are sponsored by your association group or scholarship funds are awarded.
























































































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Contact Information:



or call 503-740-9706

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