OAP-ODP Educational /Professional Standards for International Geriatric Activity Professionals Organization for Activity and Dementia Professionals OAP-ODP Organization of Activity Professionals- Organization of Dementia Professionals
 OAP-ODP        Educational /Professional Standards for International Geriatric Activity Professionals   Organization for Activity and Dementia Professionals                     OAP-ODPOrganization of Activity Professionals- Organization of Dementia Professionals    

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Our purpose is to provide a network where Activity Professionals and Dementia Professionals can share concerns or trends and help each other, either in person or electronically. Each month we will post a feature concern submitted by our profession, and share results or solutions as other Activity Professionals and Dementia Practitioners have experienced or resolved...

We publish a newsletter...cover such topics as job openings/positions.  We post training and certification classes for state and national certification in Activities and Dementia Training.





Always our objective is to help and make each other better. 


We are pleased to announce our association has been invited to participate in an expansion from a local association to a global scope.  The objective will be to define and establish  a standard of practice for an International Geriatric Activity Professional. This will serve to establish ethical and a standard of education and practices for all individuals who serve the older populations. Providing guidelines and standards, for working with dementia, cognitive, physical, social and spiritual issues to create quality of life for all people they serve. It is a global and human issue, we are proud to be a part of.  Please watch for the changes and additions you will see on this website.  As we will introduce you to the International Geriatric Activity Professional Association...or IGAP. Comments, input and thoughts are most welcome and important to us, as we hope to better serve you and the wide scope of people that our profession provides for.


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International Geriatric Activity Professionals Standards 

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