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 OAP-ODP        Educational /Professional Standards for International Geriatric Activity Professionals   Organization for Activity and Dementia Professionals                     OAP-ODPOrganization of Activity Professionals- Organization of Dementia Professionals    

IGAP....International Geriatric Activity  Professionals 

Check back here regularly to find out what's going on and how this new professional assoication can widen your scope of practice and you career growth.

IGAP INTRODucing our Misssion Statement, purpose, Ethical and standards of Practice and Membership Levels  Plus Up-coming Resource page....

IGAP is a non-profit professional association for International  Geriatric Activity Professionals.


Our mission statement is to recognize the importance of the Geriatric Activity Professional scope of practice and to increase awareness of the quality of services that provide positive outcomes for the people we serve.  To establish and promote eligibility standards and practices that Geriatric Activity Professionals can provide to individuals, families and communities that serve the older adult to promote positive cognitional, physical and spiritual/social outcomes as their life transitions in the passage of time.


Since these issues of physical changes, cognitional changes, and social restructuring is neither limited by geographical borders nor by financial status but rather a human condition our purpose is to share information, best practices regarding these conditions with all peoples internationally. 

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