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IGSOAP...International GerontologICAL Society of Activity  Professionals 

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IGSOAP INTRODucing our Misssion Statement, purpose, Ethical and standards of Practice and Membership Levels  Plus Up-coming Resource page....

IGSOAP is a non-profit professional association for the



Our mission is to recognize the importance of the Gerontologic Activity Professional scope of practice and to increase awareness of the quality of services that provide positive outcomes for the people we serve.  To establish and promote eligibility standards and practices that Geriatric Activity Professionals can provide to individuals, families and the communities that serve the older adult to promote positive cognitional, physical and spiritual/social outcomes as their life transitions in the passage of time. An emphasis on activity aging and maintaining skills and levels that they can function at with safety and independence.


Since these issues of physical changes, cognitional changes, and social restructuring is neither limited by geographical borders nor by financial status but rather a human condition our purpose is to share information, best practices regarding these conditions with all peoples internationally. With the intention of protecting and providing positive outcomes and results that establish a high standard, ethical implementation and current known of best practices and resources that can be used by all Gerontological Activity Professionals.


Code of Ethics and Standards

1) IGSOAP members provides services with respect and dignity to all geriatric and dementia clients.  Recognizes the population they serve with individuality. 

2) IGSOAP members participates in ongoing education and stays current with active aging and dementia issues. Members keep up their required educational and professional competences in the activity/dementia professions. Members will maintain networking with other health care professions, attend dementia and Alzheimer's seminars, conventions, support groups and ethic committees.

3) IGSOAP members will report any acts that are illegal or unethical to protective arthorities or agencies to safe guard the populations they serve and assume absolute responsibility for your own individual actions.

4) IGSOAP members work to implement innovative ideas that provide positive and safe care settings that help the dementia/geriatric individual to continue active aging and help to maintain skills levels to function with assistance or as independently as possible, to establish concepts of self-worth/value and quality of life.

5) IGSOAP members will respect individual customs, relgious beliefs and philosophies in a truthful manner and avoid misleading and false information.

6)  IGSOAP members will not use the International Gerontological Society of Activity Professionals on any brochures, advertising materials without express permission of this orgnization and in no way benefit directly or indirecty at the expense of the Internaional Gerontology Society of Activity Professionals. 

7) IGSOAP members understand that it certifictions and rank levels with IGSOAP does not in any way confer upon the member any type of licensure as a health care providers.  


ABOUT IGSOAP Our Purpose/ intent

International Gerontology Society of Activity Professionals was formed to promote standards of excellence in dementia and geriatric issues in the Activity Professional Field. Providing information in methods of Active Aging and Cognitive Changes that effect the individual's life as healthcare changes impact their abilities and family relationships and community involvement. As these factors continue to increase gobally, IGSOAP hopes to provide a resource for continuous and current educational information for caregivers, front line staff, healthcare professionals and family members. A well trained Activity Professional can provide appropiate, competent and sensitive direct care and support systems to enhance the understanding of the aging process through the benefits of Active Aging, Positive Outcomes, Quality of Life and Person-centered Care methods.


IGSOAP was formed to promote standards of excellence in the Activity Professional Field and provide a scope of practice that benefits this dementia/geratric individual in positive and protective ways to insure that compassionate and educated care is provided to this most vulnerable population. 

Membership and Rank Acknowledgement

Our primary purose and benefit to anyone seeking membership and rank acknowledgement in IGSOAP is to provide a space where resourses for educational  and information is provided.  We will assemble and update resourses for educational oppotunities, workshops and seminars for Continuing Education Units to provide high standards for the pofessional growth and acknowledge of  Gerontological Activity Professionals.


Providing Measurable Standards by:

1) A resource page for these educational outlets will be listed and updated to help you grow and increase your professional status and rank. 

2) A standard of measuring excellence in  educational and work requirements to define these levels of professionalism.  


Offering Levels of Professionalism: 

1) Activity Provisional - Internship

2) Activity Professional  - Basic 

3) Activity Professional -  Advance

Professional Pathways/ reQuirements

This section will provide career pathways of the levels as defined by IGSOAP standards, educational training areas and work expereince hours.  A complete llisting of Continuing Education Topic Areas will be provided at the end of this section for the career pathways development. 


Activity Provisional   (APA),

Activity Professional - Bacis  (AP-B)

Actiity Professional  - Consultant (AP-C)



Activity Provisional  (APA)-  An Activity Assistant is an internship/entry level student working towards an Activity Professional Basic.  This individual has acheived basic awareness of the Activity Professional Field, has working knowledge as an Assistant Activity Professional working under a Basic or Advanced Professional.



* High School or equivalent


* Work Experience - 2000 hours of work directly in Activity using person-centered care methods (within 3 years of application and may be volunteer or employed positions)


* Education - 36 hours of training in Approved Topics of Dementia and Alzheimers, Documentation -care planning and contact notes, Cultural Awareness, Human Development and Aging, Communication and Behavior Management, Medical Terminalogy, Sensory Stimulation and Program planning for severe to mild cognitional levels.


Activity Professional Basic (AP-B) - An Activity Professional Basic has completed the educational and work experiences required to competently fulfill the duties of an Activity Director or Life Enrichent Director for planning, directing and iimplementing activities of active aging, cognitive levels for severe, mildly and iindpendent residents of residences with a variety of healthcare needs and issues. This individual provides recreational activities and services to individuals primarily 65 and older with memory care issues or physical limitations. They may also serve younger residences who are 18 or older with head trauma issues or disabilities related to disease or accidents iif properly educationed for those special needs.



* High school or Associate Degrees


* Work Experience - 4000 hours of work directly in activities and employed positions (within five years of application)


* Education -60 hours of continuing education units from college classes, semiars, workshops, lectures from approved educational, medical instutions or professionally approved assoications meeting the *F658 and/or F680 guidance regulation defined at the end of this section.  Credit hours may also included topic areas in the APA application is completed within 3 years prior to this application.  Topic Area for the AP-B application must include area of Healthcare Management and Leadership, Documentation and Report Writing, Cultural Awareness, Religious Diversity, Person-centered Care, Programming for Severe, Mild, Head Trauma and Cognitional Issues, Behavior Management and Descalation Methods, Special Needs of Memory Care, Adaptive Equipment for Activity Success, Quality of Life and Quality Assurance. 


Activity Professional Consultant  (AP-C)

In this position the Activity Professional is in charge of managing and training others to fulfill all the duties and responsiblities of the Activity Department. This includes staff employed in the Activity Department, other staff members  involved with implementing activities and responsible for management of the activity department logistics,equipment and supplies.


Requirement:  Advance Degree and Work Experience that involves leadership skills, management of Quality Assurance for logistic and safety issues in implementing an Activity Program/Department. Understanding of fair and ethical work environment for both staff and residents.


Work Experience - 4000 hours of Basic Activity Director experience plus 1000 hours of supervied managerial leadership and logistics training in running an Activity Program/Department under direction of a facility Administrator and Director of Nursing.


Education  - 80 hours of continuing educations (which can include basic topic courses with in the last 2 years) or upgrading of basic education topics but also must complete at least 30 hours in managerial skills and leadership, ethical training, work enivironment requirements, problem solving root problems and cause, policy writing and resolution, conflict management and communication skills.  Technical classes in computer skills are also appliable to this education requirement.  See listing under Topic Areas of Study for CEU credit. 


Applications for Career Pathways is posted under Career Pathways.  Complete the application for your level and submit for review.


Review submission takes 4-6 weeks or slightly longer as all work/education requirements will be researched before level of profession will be awarded.  The  review process involves documentation and reference confirmation before professional levels are issued.  If information is falsified or does not meet the standards of IGSOAP you will be asked to revise your application or complete additional topic ares to assure your level professionalism.


Continuing Education Topic Areas

The purpose of continuing education is for professional growth and to maintain standards to help the Activity Professional to stay current on new trends and regulations in the field. 


Any activity related lecture/talk/ workshop/conference/session should fall iinto one of these topic areas will be approved. 


All classes or certificates of attendance must have the date/location/ number of hours attended for CEU units/ location and instructor name and title/the sponsoring insitution/school/ association profession listed on the Certificate of Attendance or Letter of Documentation to be valid for approval by IGSOAP 


Topics areas are:

1. Activitiies/Programming - all activities that provide for self-expression of the arts and all physical movement activities that help to maintain a skill or ability

2. Behavios

3. Budget/Financial Management

4. Confidentiality/HIPPA

5. Cognitive impairment/Dementia

6. Consulting related to Activities

7. Community Resources/ Programs/Outings

8. Computer/Adio/Visual Technology

9. Resident Councils or Family Councils

10. CPR and First Aid Classes

11. Cultural Change/Environment and Programming

12. Diagnosis and Chronic Disorders

13. Documentation/MDs/Care Planning

14. End of Life Issues/Hospice

15. Environment related to activities/ safety/infection control/active shooter/cleaning of supplies/equipment storage and organization

16. Ethics

17. Fund Raising

18. Goal Setting

19. Grant Writing

20. Hiring, Training and Staff Retention

21. Interpersonal Relations

22. Leisure Time

23. Management and Supervision

24. Motivation

25. Pain Management/Palliative Care

26. Person Centered Programs

27. Policies and  Procedures

28. Professional Growth/Development

29. Professionalism

30. Psychology of Aging

31. Public Relations

32. Qualify Assurance

33. Record Keeping/Medical Report Writing

34. Regulations/Survey Process

35. Research and Development

36. Resident Assessment

37. Resident Rights/Social Workers Role

38. Resources for Activity Professionals

39. Sensory Stimulation

40. Short Term Stay: Rehab

41. Special Populations/Needs/Traumatic

Head Injuries/ Cognitive Levels

42. Spirituality/Religion

43. Standards of Practice

44. Teamwork

45. Therapies (Physical, Occupational, Speach, Aroma, Massage, etc

46. Time Management

47. Validation Theroy

48. Volunteers: Recruitment /Retention

49. Wellness

50. Active Aging Concepts and Human Development/ How the Body Ages



Resource Page - Professional Associations/ insitutions/classes/seminars/ workshops/seminars/lectures/Health Care  and Community Groups

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Application for IGSOAP Professional Levels

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