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Advance Activity Director Training: Portland Community College will be offering a class in Advance Activity Director Training GRN264, to help prepare Activity Professionals seeking their National Certification.  This class will be offered Summer and Winter Terms at Portland Community College. This class is online, with instructor support, video demonstrations, lecture commentary, practicums experiences completed in facilities of Long Term Care, Skilled Acute Units, Assisted Living Centers, and Memory Care Units.  This class meets the requirements for Portland Community College Gerontology Certification in Activities and prepares an individual for National Testing thru the National Association of Activity Professionals Credentialing Center/ Activity Professionals National Credentialing Center.  More information on the testing process and requirements can be obtained from office@apncc.org. 


        We will no longer be offering the MEPAP Classes after Winter Term 2018. This change will be implemented to help students have a concentrated, streamlined class focusing on the essential materials and information presented in the Long Term Care for Activity Professionals, Social Service Professionals, and Recreational Professionals, 7th edition. text.  This is currently the only text that has the new Federal Regulations and F-tag updates. 

       In an effort to present and educate our students with the most recent information relative to the Activity Profession and Social Service Profession, Oregon Activity Professionals decided to implement this change as it offered the best possible benefits to our students. Students can now take one concentrated class.  Will have the option of attending study sessions to prepare for testing. In addition, students attending and completing this class will receive Portland Community College credits, will be eligible for the PCC Certificate in Activities should they complete all requirements, and will receive Continuing Education Units accepted by Activity Professionals National Credentialing Center 


For more information about these changes and the new online class GRN 264 Advanced Activity Director, being offered by the Gerontology Department at Portland Community College associated with their Certificate Programs in Gerontology and to  prepare for National Certification contact Connie Ratti at 503-740-9706 or connie.ratti@pcc.edu or Mike Fabor at 971-722-4077 or michael.faber@pcc.edu




FDA 's Drug Approval Process as reported in recent article in Morning Brew July18, 2021



On July 7, 2021 FDA approved a breaktrough medication for Alzheimer's disease.  The drug, called Aduhelm was met with criticism by influential hospitals: Cleveland Clinic, NYC's Mount Sinai Health  System and Providene in Washington State - said they would not administer Aduhelm, citing concerns over its effectiveness and safety. 


Effectiveness is one concern, side effects, which include brain swelling and brain bleeding is another. Plus the price tag: $56,000. In addition patients might have to pay for periodic test to check for the side effects.


As we learn of more updates on the approval processing of the drug, Aduhelm we will provide more information.







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